Intelligence Dialogue is a full-serve I.T. company; we offer “one-window” service. In the modern world of information systems, computer environments, networking, software, hardware, and I.T. solutions become interdependent and act as a one. In order to affect your business in a extreme positive manner, it is imperative to have a complete information system in healthy condition by having Intelligence Dialogue design it properly, by providing maintenance or tuning up, to keep all aspects of your system running in unison.

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Custom Software Development / Computer Programming Services

Intelligence Dialogue provides services in software development that meets the requirements of your business, designed and tailored to your needs.  We specialize in custom made software, databases, web sites, and web based solutions.

ntelligence Dialogue provides services in software development that meets the requirements of your business, designed and tailored to your needs.  We specialize in custom made software, databases, web sites, and web based solutions.If there is no “boxed” software that suits your needs, Intelligence Dialogue designs custom software solutions tailored to your unique business model. Often it can be cheaper than attempts to customize a packaged solution. It is always better to adjust software to your company than adjust the company to the software. Custom made software gives you possibility to do your business exactly they way you want it.

There are situations when your business may require managing specific tasks, but none of “boxed” software packages meets your expectations. Some of them simply limited in their functionality, most of them not flexible enough to be properly adjusted to your needs, and yet another can do everything that you need but designed for a big size corporation, and requires investment and continued support services for a price that is simply not always feasible and may make no business
sense to you.

Assume, that you need a computer management system for you business. It may be accounting software, reporting, stock/book keeping, customer support system, any sort of database solutions, or any other type of software. Contact us, let us thoughtfully review your case, and, if there is available packaged solution (program package that is already available on market for a reasonable price) then we will gladly offer you our I.T. Consulting Services to get proper software, install it and adjust it according to your requirements.

Company SuccessHowever, if there is no existing solution that satisfies your requirements, fits into your budget, then this is the time for you to consider developing your own computer program or system. If you will take time to seriously consider this option you will be amazed by finding that affordable investment can save you so much of your resources that it will cover initial investment you made, and will provide you with additional returns many times over. There is a lot of possible saving in wages, in controlling stocks (and so not missing the items from the stock), in reducing time required for service and/or documents search and flow, reporting, analysis that lead to optimized management. Improvement in customer services may not only optimize existing business of your company but will bring you more satisfied customers.

There are unlimited possible options can be proposed by us. All depends of your requirements, allotted budget range, and numerous of other factors. Playing with needed functionalities, some compromises, and focusing on the only important aspects of the task can help to get custom made software even for moderate budget.

We will take charge for initial analysis, estimate, and high level proposal, that will give you real picture of what you need, what it may cost, and how it will affect your business. Thus, there is nothing to lose, but this is a real way to optimize your business and gain profit from the improvements.

We look forward to hearing from you to discuss and to provide you with a solution to your unique matter.



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