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Business WebHosting

Intelligence Dialogue provides business hosting services as part of our “one window” services. Our business hosting is the foundation for the reliability, availability, security and scalability of your online presence. What makes us different – we do stay behind our customers and willing to help if any hosting related requirements arise.

We do understand how critical customer support is for any business. One may find many hosting companies offering hosting, and indeed, most of them do good job. Our goal is more than just provide a hosting space. We provide customized solutions to our customers. That is why we do not have specific hosting plans – you will get only what you do really need. The solutions starts from $24.95 / month, and going up depends of your actual needs and requirements.

We like the formula “Set it and forget it” in terms of system stability and customer support. Using regular hosting one have to identify problem itself, then call support line, and ask to get the problem fixed. We have totally different approach – health of your web site is at our focus. We do monitor it's online availability, and if a hosting related problem arises then we do fix it without waiting for a customer call, or we ourselves contact web site owner if any issues found with the web site itself and the owner involvement is required. Customers may talk to us on web solution related subjects that are way more extended than regular support of a hosting company can provide.

This is our main interest to keep customer's web site up. This is part of our business hosting service to consult customer on how to improve its web solutions and guide the customer the right way through very complicated I.T. World. Do not get tangled in web!
We sell hosting with dedicated care included.

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