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EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a special part of B2B Integration. It helps companies to reduces operational costs by implementing paperless processes. EDI is fast and reliable way to send/receive invoices, orders, status updates, or any other information required by business partners or government agencies. The most common standards we utilize are ASCX12 and EDIFACT.

EDI becomes more and more populate, and some larger companies would not even do business with its partners if they do not support data exchange via EDI protocols. Government agencies in order to reduce cost and provide better service do implement EDI solutions. Thus, EDI becomes a factor for growing you business, securing contracts with larger players, getting in front of your competitors.

However, one of the biggest positive effects – data accuracy, and operational cost reducing that starts immediately once the EDI system is deployed.

Data Integration and EDI solutions may be needed for different size of companies, not nesessary the large ones. Working together we will find the most effective and economical solution for your business, applicable and reasobanle to even modest budget.

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